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Conserve & Maintain The Kaweah Basin

Since 1927

Lake Kaweah provides for the storage of a critical supply of surface water
to the robust farming operations in the Kaweah Sub-basin, and valuable
recharge to the Sub-basin aquifer.

A mainstay for the Kaweah Sub-basin, Lake Kaweah allows flood waters and the melting snowpack
to be best managed for safety and beneficial use. (Local, State, and Federal partners enlarged the
lake increasing the capacity by one third, a project twenty years in the making – 2004)

Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District collaborates with local water users
and entities to make infrastructure improvements to the area for better water
management and flood protection.
(McKay Point structure rebuild – 2009)

The Kaweah Watershed covers over 500 square miles and provide a critical
water supply to Kaweah Sub-basin. Faced with an extremely variable and
unpredictable supply each year, water entities and water users closely
coordinate to effectively and efficiently utilize the supply available.

For more than 90 years, the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District has been working to fulfill its mission by conserving and storing waters of the Kaweah River, maintaining channels for flood control, and by conserving and protecting the underground waters of the Kaweah River Basin. Through its efforts, and the efforts of other coordinating local agencies, Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District helps ensure reliable and adequate water supplies for the Kaweah River Basin now and into the future. We hope you will find our website not only informative, but also educational as we strive to maintain working relationships with the surrounding agencies and landowners in the District.

Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District’s mission is to effectively manage water to the benefit of the Kaweah Basin.

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